Works Starting On The Exchequergate Arches

Our contract on Lincoln Cathedral connected has really begun to hit full pace, while still very busy on the Old Deanery we are moving onto other areas on the project.

One of the most important aspects of the contract is the Exchequergate Arches, a 14th-century building that was erected to be the entrance to the Cathedral from the castle hill side of the city, a very important and prominent part of the Cathedral grounds.

The works needed on here are stone replacement window surrounds including carved label stop faces, tracery and jambs. We also have to create two pinnacles, one on both ends of the structure. With these no longer existing our head carver has been producing sketches for the architect based on other pinnacles from around the Cathedral. We will be doing localised areas of JOS cleaning and a full repoint using hot limes specified to match the Cathedral.

Mono Masonry Works

A very delicate and time-consuming part of these works is the rib-vaulted ceiling under the arches consisting of stone vaulted ribs surrounded by brick webs. Due to its age, each web of brick must have the mortar removed, be cleaned and repointed one web at a time to maintain its stability.

All in all, we can safely say that at Mono Masonry we are very excited about undertaking the delicate restoration and conservation works on this building and can’t wait to put our small piece of the cathedral’s history in place.



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