Our team of highly skilled award-winning banker masons have the passion, determination and discipline to produce any project to the upmost standard.

As a team we have had the chance to mason many different types of stone and that gives us the ability finesse and experience to produce the most delicately intricate all the way to the big and bold.

At Mono Masonry we pride ourselves on excellence. We are only as good as our last project, that’s why we aim to deliver the best we can every time.


Our Stonework Expertise


Traditional banker masonry is at the heart of our business.
All of our masons, including those at management level, are at least NVQ Level 3 trained and above, and are highly experienced within their field. Over the years we have been heavily involved in competition masonry, and our quality is in line with this. With such a highly experienced team we are able to produce hand cut stonework to a precision second to none.

Monumental masonry

Using modern machinery for monumental masonry is big business now, however we believe in a more traditional approach.
By hand cutting lettering, we ensure that any works to historic monuments are in keeping with the original design. A machine will never be able to give character and flair to lettering as a mason can. The skill of setting out and hand lettering is an art in itself, and we take pride in producing new lettering for monuments, as well as restoring historic pieces. This approach does also enable us to work in situ on awkward sites, where a machine would struggle to go.

Architectural and sculptural carving

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it” (Michelangelo)
Stone carving is an art in itself, and we are fortunate to have a number of talented stone carvers within our team. From Corinthian architectural mouldings, to medieval style grotesques, our stone carvers are experienced in a range of architectural styles and time periods.

Masonry fixing and building works

Fixer masonry is more than simply building.
Working with often complex masonry elements requires so much more than an understanding of stone fixing on site. Our site masons are traditionally trained Stonemasons, experienced in producing working drawings and templates, as well as being proficient banker masons first and foremost. This enables us to deliver consistent quality despite the complexity of the job. One of our most high profile projects has been ‘Lincoln Cathedral Connected’, working on extremely sensitive Medieval stonework; including sculptural and vaulted ceiling elements.

Historic lime pointing

Lime mortar has been used in building for centuries and still stands the test of time today.
We are experienced in working with a range of lime based mortars, from NHL (Natural Hydraulic Lime) to Lime Putty’s, we are able to advise on what is best for your building, including replicating existing lime mortar. Our site masons are experts in the careful removal of hard, damaging, cementitious mortar and the re-pointing in the correct lime mortar for your stonework.


Draughtsmanship is a fundamental skill of a true stonemason.
At Mono Masonry we are proud to keep the historic technique of draughtsmanship alive. Certainly CAD is the future of technical drawing and design, and within our team we have experience in computer aided design, however we still ensure that all of our masons are trained in traditional draughtsmanship. We continue to use zinc templates and find that setting out complex masonry full size and by hand allows us to effectively work on historic buildings that are not always true and perfectly straight.

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